About MDliaison

In 2020, Cherese Paloni faced a challenging time when she was laid off from a health technology company, marking her second job loss in four years. As she navigated the daunting process of job hunting, Cherese found herself searching for part-time or contract sales rep jobs to supplement her income due to the lengthy hiring process of full-time positions.

To her dismay, these opportunities were few and far between, with no central location to find them apart from costly services. Furthermore, Cherese discovered a more significant issue – the healthcare industry’s high turnover rate for sales reps compared to other industries. The hiring process lacked flexibility, with companies feeling boxed in when it came to hiring sales reps.

This experience led Cherese to launch MDliaison, a growing network of skilled healthcare sales reps all working together to achieve a common objective: creating a more adaptable and efficient workforce within the healthcare industry.

The old way vs. MDliaison

Benefits of independent medical sales contractors

Streamline sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding for faster access to physicians and increased revenue.

Scale your teams efficiently to lower fixed costs and adapt to changing business needs.