Frequently asked questions

A talent marketplace to hire physician liaisons and medical sales reps

Where are your contractors located?

Our contractors are all over the U.S. ready to help your company.

What if the candidate I hire through you doesn’t work out?

While we believe that our process will radically reduce the risk of a candidate not being a good fit for your team, of course it can happen. We offer free-re matching.

Is MDliaison a recruiting agency?

MDliaison is a healthcare sales and consultant talent marketplace. We maintain a vetted pool of talent, ready to be hired by vetted companies who join our marketplace to hire. Unlike a recruiting agency, we do not go out and find talent only when we have a position to hire for, rather we are always recruiting amazing experienced talent to match to healthcare companies.

Why is using MDliaison faster and easier than sourcing myself?

We have already gone through the process for you of verifying the reliability and identity of the contractors in our marketplace. Someone from the MDliaison team has met every contractor and each one has been through our process of assessing their sales and communication skills. We put our name behind every candidate that we match to your team’s requirements.

How much does MDliaison cost?

We offer different types of hires and our partners have different needs. Inquire and one of our team members can help you with your budget.